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Welcome!  I'm Chalisa Morrison.   I offer you a range of self-study training programs - a holistic approach to personal transformation and couples therapy that represent the most effective tools, strategies and practices derived from 15 years working closely with individuals and couples, and includes all the 'gold' from my personal and professional experiences.

Not everyone needs private therapy or comprehensive support, and because of this, I offer a variety of online self-study programs to cater for different needs.  Self-study programs allow you to learn at your own pace and are suitable for everyone - wherever you're at along your life and love path. 

My programs have been specifically designed for those that:

  • Feel stuck and experience low self-esteem and confidence

  • Cycle through loops of anxiety with a sense of disconnection and unfulfillment

  • Find dead-ends in your relationships where there is an ongoing lack of intimacy and poor communication

  • Think your relationship is reaching ‘breaking point’

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" I look forward to supporting you to create change..."  ~ Chalisa Morrison


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